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No thanks OP. There is something extremely satisfying hearing that sound of the ball rolling in the hole when you make a good putt, a sound like no other. Take that away from me and you're taking away a large part of satisfaction of the game. I'm also the guy that takes the flags out on the practice green (providing there is nobody else on there).
Driver 3 5 7 9 52 degree Putter
Pretty sure it doesn't count as a stroke if you accidentally knock the ball off the tee.
You use your 9 iron for sexual pleasure
Definitely a 5th wedge.
I have no idea what I have just read.
Shot my first 69 ever today.........on a par 67. Out is 35, in is 32. Back 9 is short but challenging. a lot of tucked in greens meaning no dice if you want to go for the greens on the par 4's. 37 out after a double on the 8th having being ballsy and trying to cut a corner off the tee over water...splash. 32 in after learning my lesson. Was hitting it ok but it was my putting that saved the day for me.
Please do that would be great, will give us a good idea of what to expect with the 5S (for those who are getting it).
I don't think this is true, pretty sure the iphone 5 camera can only handle 30fps max.
was in the market for a decent camera to record video at 120 fps. Having just seen the Apple media event it is confirmed that the video capture can record at 120 fps (along with the galaxy S4, not sure if there are any others)   my question is, knowing how good apple are with software would it be reasonable to assume that the need for a decent camera is now eradicated and being able to use the 5S instead?   is there really much difference?
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