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I would sleep with Lauren for sure.
 You mean Mammory's team?
We will agree to disagree. FWIW, I think she is heinous.
I did not like either of the girs unfortunately. Shannon talked like she was baked out of her mind and not very attractive. Emily was so annoying and always kissing up to Jeeeeeeerry. What is the deal with her eyes? She has no eyebrows, which I can get over, but now eyelashes!
Emily is sooooo annoying and only looks goo when she is done up. She has a flabby chest too...
Which is better... Doing a daytrip to Pinehurst and playing #2 ($420) or spending the night at cheap hotel and playing two rounds at Tobacco Road and maybe playing another decent course on the way home? (should be about $350 or so)   Any help would be much appreciated!    
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