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Sun Mountain Hybrid stand bag is a ripper !!
Both are nice bags..What about the Sun Mountain Hybrid..Nice bag i reckon.
Really..you cant go wrong with Ping IMHO.. I had a G10 draw with the UST shaft and it was a ripper.. Sold it on fleabay..still kicking my self LOl
I have always carried a 7 wood and I am a recent 9 wood convert.. I struggle with the long irons and cant hit hybrids to save my self.. In my new clubs i have gone 4w 7w 9w..
I have recently done the same thing..Ditched my 3 and 5 woods and gone for Cally Razor Black 4w 17 deg with 7 & 9 woods.
Yep..I have always had trouble with a normal 3 w especially off the deck, so I went with a 17 deg 4 w for some distance and 7 and 9 woods.. Love my 9 wood by the way..Hits high and lands soft..but not always LOL.  
Sheesh.....   Callaway Razor X draw driver Callaway black woods 4w 7w 9w Razor X 21 Hybrid Razor X irons 5-Pw/Sw Jaws 58 lobby off fleabay Razor X staff bag   Ssshhh don't tell the Mrs !!
We can get these over here in Aus although not a gr8 variety. Sun Mountain are going to be avail here soon and i love the hybrid stand bag. Alas, maybe out of your price range but looks the ducks nuts. Worth considering.   Cheers from Aus
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