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I completely agree. Mesmerizing.Elke Sommer was another one from that era I still like watching. Her pixie-ish looks in "A Shot in the Dark", among others, really added to the enjoyment of an already hilarious movie.
Cybill Shepherd in the 70's:
I don't think I'd think Judy Greer was hot if she wasn't Judy Greer. But she's Judy Greer! Say goodbye to these: (And seriously: is "Archer" not the best show, if not best thing, that humanity has managed to come up with in the last 3 generations? Other than frogurt, I mean.)
Happy 24th birthday to figure skater, model, and actress Analeigh Tipton:
Fantastic - that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much!
Thanks very much for that, Eric. I know you've got a good handle on photography and equipment: do you know if any manufacturers do better than others when it comes to models not as advanced/pricey as DSLR's?
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