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Surprised to hear that Shorty would choose Zach as a player NOT to be partnered with. While a bit staid, I've also seen inteviews where he'd be a good pro-am experience. Not surprised to see Vijay's name on here. But word I've heard is that while he may not be liked publicly, he's very well liked amongst Tour players. That may not translate to a 5 hour pro-am round.   My list of thanks and thanks, but no thanks:   Desired partners: Graeme McDowell Keegan...
I got GolfLogix based on feedback from friends who have it. After experiencing it on their phones, I went and got it for my iPhone. Haven't used Golfshot but don't see a reason to based on what I've seen from GolfLogix. It's easy to use, graphics are accurate and as mentioned here previously the scoring is quick and simple.   The video flyover is cool but my favorite GolfLogix feature was tracking my club distances and seeing the averages displayed on the graphics....
When I got a Rossa Spider a few years ago it was way too light. So added weight and it felt much better. But with the smaller grip it was hard to control and stay on path. Didn't go to a Fatso but did put on a jumbo grip and it made all the difference.   The larger size of the grip and counterweighting to the heavier head made guiding the putter consistently very easy. It became a smooth stroke and didn't get off line or twist.   In short, won't get another...
What about a 21 degree hybrid? It would likely flight a bit higher than your 4 iron abut would be a great option to bridge the gap between your 5 wood and 4 iron. Would recommend trying one of those out with the latest Adams or maybe TaylorMade. Not sure what's available in Singapore.
Would definitely recommend getting new irons. Considering the time of year and large amount of new releases, would look at some "year old" models that may be marked down but still have newer technology. You'll see great benefit in moving from your current irons, even if you like them a lot. The forgiveness on misses is drastically better.   The key is to get fit. You can do that at a retailer or a local Demo Day. But if you're going to invest in new clubs, do it right.
Justin Rose should be in the mix. He's been playing very well and has thrown in some nice rounds at Augusta. I like Keegan Bradley but his putting has been sketchy on Sundays recently when in contention.   One thing for sure, it'll be interesting. Look at what happened to Rory last year and Kenny Perry in 2009. That guy had it won with 2 holes to play.   Enjoy everyone!
New Posts  All Forums: