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That is exactly how I play. 1 tee only, no wallet, cellphone, watch, extra balls, etc.
I just threw the 7 wood out of my bag in favor of a Cleveland 3i Halo (didnt get the HIbore because I picked up the Halo brand new for 85$) First swing with it I hit a 3 iron + 10 distance, landed soft onto the green, hit my birdie and bought one as soon as I left the course.
they were 4000-4200 rpm. Up until now, I had just played 'adaptive' golf based on feel. But now I would like to be more technically correct. I hit the green Aldilla shaft in S flex and picked up 20 yards instantly on the sim, with a 12.7* launch angle.
Hey guys, Im a newbie. Im 21 and have been playing for 8 years or so, competitively in HS and then fell off a bit as college started. When i was 15, I bought some Cleveland TA3s R-flex. Ive got a wilson fairway wood in stiff flex and then last year i bought a used 983e graffaloy blue-R. I decided after playing around that I've 'outgrown my clubs'. I hit 15+ sets of irons and decided that 695.CB's are the ones for me. So then I was playing today with a friend...
Champion Trace Golf Club http://www.championtrace.com/
Im in that market right now. I hit the MP 30,32,60 and 67(by accident), and the titleist 695 CB, 704, 735, 755, 775 and 804 yesterday. I narrowed it down to the 60s and the 695 CBs. I hit my irons pretty high, not very far. 100 mph driver speed. I hit the clubs at two different places, one indoor and then one on a range. Inside, the MP60s were the best feeling ones i hit, they felt like butter. I didnt like the ball flight and was more impressed with the titleist's...
I am an undergrad-hopeful med student next year.
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