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I carry 2-3 sleeves in my bag. 
They are beach sand traps,  filled with packed down, rock hard beach sand.  They never play as bunkers, and don't play anything like bunkers.  It's like pitching on the beach at low tide, shells and all. 
What?  No Sunday Scotch?  Our club has a mixed event on Sunday afternoons, complete with a divorce lawyer in the mixed grill afterwards. 
I rotate an 18 degree hybrid and 5 wood depending on conditions.  I also have a 21 degree that will make it in the bag when I pull the 3 iron. Haven't pulled the gap wedge out of storage yet this year.  I like knocking down and or dialing back my pitching wedge. 
The one thing I can't go without these days is my Kleen Kanteen insulated beverage bottle, made of stainless steel.  I just fill it up with ice, add water and the ice stays well beyond my round.  I once made a juniper based beverage before a round, forgot it in my trunk and left it overnight.  It still had a huge chunk of ice in it the next day.  I swear by that thing.
Cameron is already out.  In it's place is the Taylor Made Spider Ghost heel shafted in 34".  I'm dropping bomb after bomb after the switch. 
I hear FUGators sentiment, sometimes it's futile to try and fit a person that has yet to hammer out a singular swing.  On the other hand, you don't want to turn someone away from the game.  At the end of the day, Club Fitters should have a pretty good idea what a person needs before they are loose on the Trackman.  Asking questions like "How many rounds do you play a month?" and "What's your typical miss?" are essential to open a fitting session.  If you hear answers...
95 with a driver I assume...   So you went in cold and pured it at 95?  If you can effectively repeat your swing it may only take 5 min. if your loose.  I have fit players in 10 swings, and I have tried to fit hacks over the course of 4 hours.  True.
Tried these weapons for a bit or so back in 2007.  I eventually went with the 695CB due to a bit better feel for my swing.  At that time I was playing 5-6 times a week, and practiced every day.  I just didn't like the feel of the club for what it's worth.
I have an 18 degree that has replaced my deuce, and a 21 degree that goes in and out of the bag to replace my 3 iron.   Same as above.....
New Posts  All Forums: