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They seem a little gimmicky. Although if G-Mac started using them (as he is one of the few pros who use Srixon) maybe they'd catch on. Sort of reminds me of the trend a few years ago when Ladies balls became so popular for men that Precept packaged one line as the "Laddie."
The Lower Course at Baltusrol. We didn't play the championship tees but its still a bear of a track.
You don't walk off the course. You respect the tournament organizers, the fans, your playing partner, but most importantly you HONOR THE GAME. Poor form, Rory.
He should regret it. Bad form.
I'm really surprised and disappointed in Rory. Suck it up and finish your round, man. You're the defending champion and your attitude makes you look like a petulant child. You've been hanging out with Tiger too much.
I agree. I finally saw the replay too, he totally lost it.   
Jim Nantz is great.   It's Tom Rinaldi I can't stand, and Mike Tirico too. In general, ESPN's production half of the Masters blows. 
It would be awesome if a 5th major was a match play tournament. 
Apology if this has been asked already, but what the heck happened to Henrik Stenson? How do you make an 8 on 18? It's not the hardest hole on the course.
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