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  Thanks for the videos!   I am just getting back into golf after a very long layoff due to neck and shoulder issues (and finally surgeries) and most of my gear could be designated as antique. Among other things, I was looking for a new bag and cart and had already decided on the Clicgear 3.0. I was looking for a quiet bag so my choices were narrowed down to the Ogio Chamber, Bag Boy Revolver, Bennington Quiet Organizer 9 or 12. Your videos really helped with my...
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I went with a mat from this company http://www.realfeelgolfmats.com to use with BirdieBalls in our back yard. Our fenced in backyard yard is 45-50 yards deep and so far (thanks to some trees) I haven't hit a BirdieBall out of the yard. I really like that you can tell if you slice or fade with the BirdieBalls compared to hitting golf balls into a net. I went with the Real Feel Country Club Elite Mat since I was able to hit off of one at a semi local golf practice...
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