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The American Legion Course in Mount Union, PA has a par 6....638 yds.  It plays longer because the green is elevated very high.  If you're sitting at the 100 yd marker the shot plays like 125 or so.
when your at the top and you start your follow through, you look like you lunge at the ball a little and your upper body/arms take over as opposed to your lower body/hips turn and then letting your shoulders and arms uncoil.   You look like a powerful guy with a powerful swing but I think you try to 'overpower' the swing with your upper body too much.
there are plenty of drills on youtube for you to check out.  I think once you get your swing plane corrected you'll know not to go past parallel.  Keep the backswing shorter until you start hitting it solid.
Also, get someone to show you a proper grip.  Good grip, good swing...bad grip, bad swing.  Both "V's" were your thumb and index finger meet should point towards your back shoulder.
Your swing plane is inconsistent by the looks of the videos.  Your backswing is flat and then you end your swing more upright.  You may want to try to get your club up over your shoulders more on your backswing as opposed to "laying it on your back".  Your follow through really looks like you get "jammed" and I think it is because the path your club takes during the swing.   Also, in the face on video I notice you break your wrists at take away.  Try not to do that,...
Your back looks too rounded, shoulders are slumped a bit. You want to be in an athletic looking position. Kinda like a linebacker in football or a defender in basketball is supposed to look.Your swing tempo is too deliberately slow on the backswing and then your downswing is too quick. Even tempo throughout is what you want. Maybe work on swinging without a ball and counting in your head as you swing to really concentrate on getting that even tempo from start to finish.
sorry to jump in late here but I've actually watched all the videos you posted and have seen your transition to were you are today.  First of all, congratulations for the progression you are having!  You've come a long way...that being said, the two things that stick out to me in these videos are your posture and your tempo.  Both need work before you can even think of becoming a consistent ball striker.   Look at your videos and concentrate on those two things....
Thanks John! I'll check it out.
Keep us posted Kid...I think you have a nice swing so just the right tweaking and you should turn into a very nice player. Good luck!
When you release your hips first it allows your left side to get out of the way so you can move your club through the "slot". If you start at the top using your shoulders/arms first your left side can't get out of the way so your club has nowhere to go but out and that produces the outside in swing plain...and that is what will cause a slice or a pull.
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