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List them by importance. 
So to my understanding, blades are a solid iron (such as mp69's) and are the toughest to hit. Cavity backs are irons with a cavity (such as rocketballz irons) and are easiest to hit. Then there are hybrids (such as mp58's), which are a mix of both?  is this right? in terms of how easy they are to hit do hybrids lean more towards blades or cavity backs?   I have heard that more than 50% of pros are using cavity backs now? is this true? do any of them use hybrids?
I think you guys are right. Im pretty sure they are toe hits. Its not a shank. And I recall my buddy, who is a scratch golfer, once telling me that he doesnt think im getting my wrists through the ball and finishing my shot.
half of my normal height. and only about 20 yards right.
pw 47, gw 52. I would say i am more of a sweeper. If i do make a divot, it is not very deep. The course is usually on the softer side and the rough can be think at times.
Ive been hitting iron shots low and to the right. I have blades and its been giving me that "stinging" feeling. Where am I making contact with the ball on my iron? why is it going low and right?
its a cheap worn out 40 dollar club with a bend in the shaft. that is why i dislike it. My shots with this club produce 1 ft backspin at most. Should I grab a separate club for bunkers?
I dont believe sticking with my crappy 56 sandwedge is the best idea. I know I can do better with something else....
So I previously had a cheap 56 that i used for EVERYTHING 100 yards and in. sand traps, greenside, everything. I broke it the other day so now I am planning on purchasing a top tier wedge since I use it more than any other club in the bag. I am leaning towards a 58. My question is, should I use this new club for everything? I want to be able to be perfect around the greens and from 100 in, but what about sand traps? Should I make another purchase for a sand wedge? I...
My 10.5 driver goes WAY too high. why is this? am i losing distance? i can drive the ball around 280 so i guess my swingspeed is around 100. I know i need a new loft but which one should I get?    
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