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This looked plenty hard. Hit 300 yard drive onto the fairway and then a 230 yard shot onto the green. That's plenty hard, if players do that then that's what the course is playing that day. Short of bear traps or flaming pits in the fairway I don't know what you can do. It rained everyday, greens were soft, but so were the fairways.
I was running an errand and was listening to the radio coverage through the app on my phone and the commentators there were convinced that the person that was ejected had said "Don't crumble Rory" and "Go Sergio" to him prior to the 15th. The radio hosts had their knickers is a bunch and were pleased that Rory had pointed the guy out and that he was escorted off.
Take solace in the fact that kids (and at 18 he is still a kid) go through phases, and what you mention seems to be a productive one rather than destructive. Look back on the good times you had on the course, allow him to follow his passion and hope that with some distance from the game he will miss parts of it and get back into it again. Perhaps an invitation to a Fathers Day round is in your future, or a round on your birthday for old times sake.
I suspect (could be wrong) that the greens keeping is also a long way ahead now too. That has probably affected the style of putting over the years. There aren't as many "pop" stroke putters now, which I think is better for slower greens. Or...I don't know what I'm talking about.
The rule of thumb on this is pretty clear, if you are directly behind the group in front of you, you are in the right position and there is nothing to worry about with the group behind.   Now, if the group in front is a problem, call the clubhouse and ask a marshal to roll through.   Edit: What David said
Ahh...here is the commercial that I was talking about earlier. Actually thought the whole thing was pretty well done, and JB's delivery of his line was great:  
I'd like to be able to go a full round just making golf swings and not trying to hit balls. I tell you, this space between my ears is fighting me all the way.
Remember a ball commercial a few years ago where there is some statement about dimples and at the end JB Holmes hits a ball and makes the statement "Well, there's a dimple on it now". That dude just hammers the ball. I'm no expert, but his swing looks more conventional than Bubba's, and certainly the ball flight is more conventional.
Meters or yards on those distances?
People buy $100K watches, $500K cars, $65K golf clubs aren't out of the question if you consider them a status symbol of the very (very!) wealthy. Put them in a Louis Vuitton golf bag ($5000) and you've got what you wanted...a statement.   Money can't buy happiness and certainly can't buy a swing.   Back on topic, that's a good looking club that is doing it's primary task very well. And that is to garner attention.
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