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That....is really cool. Couple of things though: the kickstand is not adequate I think, looks like it may sink into the ground and tip the bike over. Needs a basket on the front for beverage and scorecard. Needs fenders too for spray control.   I noticed in Australia that no one used a cart, and I heard second hand that you have to prove a disability to be able to use a cart at most clubs. Everyone had bag buggies.   Obviously bikes are not for mountain courses, but I...
That is a super funny commercial. Glad they are just going with the "balls" jokes that we've been making for years.   Those Wilson Duo commercials have gone downhill since they stopped paying actual golfers to be in them. Love all the golf apparel that doesn't have logo's on it. Where do they find that stuff?   Back on topic....how does a Nike MOJO stack up? Is it not even in the same ballpark?
Really good looking shoe...take the spikes off and wear all day!
Could they be trying to cut down on the "Mashed Potato!" stuff. If that doesn't make it onto the air, then people will stop doing it.
Music video's? Those are well produced gags.
I don't know. As hard as Bubba lashes at the ball, every swing was exciting to me. Who knows what is going to happen when he walks onto the tee? Two first timers T2. Weird that Nance (or someone) called Blixt a youngster (or something to that affect)...he's almost 30.
I did follow through and make that pick, but I set the score to low. He's playing well but is mixing in a bunch of bogey's with his birdies. 20 par's, 10 birdies, 5 bogey's, and one double.
Johnas Blixt  -11 Hideki Matsuyama -9 Ryan Moore -11   Don't ask me why...the name Blixt popped into my head a few days ago, figured I might as well play it.
Oh, and to prove that we really were there:  
He also sounds "hideous" cause "he's a guy" 
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