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I think the distance of the course should dictate the tees. To just say I play the whites and it plays at 5600 yards is a driver gap wedge round for me.Or it takes driver out of play. I think 6800 yards is more of an opportunity to play all of my clubs regardless of the color
Make sure you try different shafts with the different heads. The MP-52's are more forging with a softer shaft
Well. I, didn't do anything to it. JP Moore did, I only know the name because it was stamped in the face, and I was dumb enough to buy it thinking the Custom shop would turn it into a wall hanger. The answer I got was that the after market work would have caused the milling to remove the cameron logo and thats a no go. I'm sure it also has something to do with the final weight but it will probably never get used so who cares. The strict 33" 350 gram, 34" 340 gram, 35"...
more afters
and a mil spec
sorry guys a little trouble with the after photos
I sent two putters to the Cameron custom shot and they returned them to me as too beat to work on and maintain the Titileist integrity. I then sent them to Tom Slighter at Slighter golf in Washington. Great guy, high end, in his work and in his approach to making you happy. Check out the before and after pictures. I'm truly impressed. One of a kind Slighter Cameron
In case anyone is looking for a deal they have them at www.tgw.com for $158 in the demo return section just passing along a bargain for my sandtrap brothers
these are sweet, but I think only with long pants
Do you only have one golf shirt? it's a package deal, look the part. Besides they all last longer if you rotate the usage. If you still have the shoes that you took the metal spikes out of it's time to get a new pair. Just sayin.
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