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What a disaster Arizona National is! Intentionally went passed by to have a look today.   The city turned off all water many months ago for non-payment.   IRI had not paid the water tab, ~200k.   Many months = death to grass in the desert.   Some how this week IRI was able to come out of arrears on the tab and they are watering the greens.   It does though all remain shut.   Do you folks have IRI managed courses that you play? are members of?
For sure the DickieDo dominates
range balls included?
Really? thank you for revealing yourself.
Is your punitive response necessary? Are you aware of what loco represents in the Spanish language? And is that truly how you would care to present yourself in life? I was not attempting to describe the exact manufacturing processes of a Ping club head. Forged was simply used to describe the creation of a steel club head, possibly a poor choice in the golf world of forging and casting.
This thread contains a lot of bad info. As a simple correction: for those that Serve Ping has a rebate system in place, in effect a discount. I will stop with this one. And if I may add: I maybe correct in stating that Ping still is the only one forging irons in the USA?.
Its time to prepare your Contributory Negligence suit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contributory_negligence
Wonderful choice Ping - steel irons made in the US = great choice Mizuno - forged in Japan = good choice Callaway - made in China = bad for too many reasons
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