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  One of the poorest written articles I've ever read. More was written about announcers and himself than Duval. Not worth a read.
  Most OEMs have their demo days listed on their web sites. The demo day at Valley Golf Center in Phoenix was advertised by VGC as well as the manufacturers.
I just pulled the trigger on the Silver Amps with Dynalite 90 Reg flex shaft, hard stepped once. There was a demo day in Phoenix this past weekend and every big manufacturer was there.   I hit: JPX825 - second favorite XHot - nice feel and hit them good, but a tad ugly for me. Especially the high lofted and wedges G25 - didn't care for the feel, but liked the looks. Will be purchasing their 4 and 7 fairways though, awesome clubs Rocketbladez - not bad, didn't...
I never use a full swing on a wedge. A wedge is a finesse and control club. 80% gap wedge for me.
The R11S driver comes with a book, not sure about the fairway woods. The book tells you how to adjust and what the adjustment are. It does not tell help you find your settings.   I play the R11S driver and was thinking of purchasing the R11S 5 wood. I found that I hit the RBS Tour 5 wood much better and farther. You might want to hit this as well. Also, not sure where you're located, but I have a PGA Superstore in my area and they will fit the R11S to you, no need to...
I prefer the E6 to the Q-Star but like the Gamer V2 better than both of them.
You bet. I use it to haul my golf clubs.
That's a pretty ignorant statement. Have you ever played golf in Arizona? On desert courses, some of the holes can be 1/4 mile from green to next tee box. Plus the elevation changes. Plus the terrain, crossing desert washes that have jumping cholla and snakes. All this and 110 degree weather as well.   I like to walk too, but it isn't always feasible. And a lot of the courses here, you aren't allowed to walk. And I'm plenty athletic.   See the picture in my avatar.... go...
Try teeing the ball lower and see if there is a difference in ball flight.
Unfortunately, you have to spend money to find out if you and your teaching pro are a compatible fit. This is the biggest reason I'm hesitant to take lessons. I don't feel like gambling with two or three hundred $$$ worth of lessons.
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