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I have not really accurately measured any of mine.  I'm not really even sure how accurate my GPS is anyway (Golf Logix App).  I do know that I can drive the green on one of the local par 4 holes which measures 284 (flat ground), so at least that.  I'm usually pretty conservative with my driver on the course so I would guess on average probably driving somewhere around 265.
Was it totally necessary for you to involve yourself?   As you can clearly see, my post has a huge smile face.  That typically indicates sarcasm and a non-serious tone.  WTF is up with you guys, seriously.
Yeah, OK Mr. 10,000 posts.    I think that pop us message must be burnt into your screen by now.
If you and five friends walked up to me and started attacking me, yes, I would not have a problem calling you an "extremely offensive word" as you say.
I am the one being rude.  I am being attacked by five different guys because I said I don't like taking mulligans.  Why don't you grab a bat and join in, genius.
Grab a bat.
I never said I didn't call you all retards.  You keep putting words in my mouth.  Yes, I think you guys are retarded, that's why I said that in plain text.  I never said otherwise.  
This is the post of mine that created a sh*t storm with you guys.   Take a close look at it.   It was not directed at any of you, and there was nothing rude or controversial about it.  It was three short sentences about how I don't like some of the stupid rules that people come up with.  If you disagree, and you like these rules, great.  No need to continuously site your resources in an attempt to prove that I am somehow wrong by not liking certain rules.  There is no...
Like my post clearly says, you insinuated I am retarded in the above post.  There is a difference between disagreeing and being a dink.  Over and over and over round and round we go.
I am what you guys consider "young and strong" with a fast club speed.  On the range I can hit the balls between 275-300 yards no problem depending on how fast I am swinging and how good of contact I am making.   This does not make me good at golf.  I am not consistent enough with my drives either.  When I play on the course my drives tend to be around 250 because I am swinging more conservative.     I shoot in the low 90s, so obviously being able to drive more...
New Posts  All Forums: