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im a huge WW2 aviator fan, i think a p-51 or b-17 themed club head would be pretty cool.
  thanks for the welcome M, but dont get to weirded out man, sexy is used to describe alot of things that arnt always of a sexual nature, like a dodge viper, or my new ZL driver, it can even be used describe a golfers swing.  
i like the blue one alot, the other one is cool too, just not my style
hello all you sexy golfers, hope all is well on your course today. ive been away from the game for a few years, my only son just turned 9 so i found some older but in great shape clubs on craigsplace, 1 mens set w/ 2 extra 3 woods and a jr set all for $40. i got us a membership at the local 9-hole par 36 cow pasture course for $350. my boys set is still a work in progress as im not totally happy w/ his jr set so i still need to find something better for him, but im very...
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