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Thanks. Yeah I'd say selling them for under $500 would be a great deal for whoever bought them.
I'm considering selling my 712 AP2 irons. 4-PW 1/4" short with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. Only used it for about a season so they're in good shape. What would a reasonable price for these irons be? I'm considering selling them for about $420-470. Is this a fair price? I guess I really don't look at the price of used clubs too often. 
Interesting swing thought even if you don't come over the top. I want to try it.
Are you figuring in the cost of the shafts too? If it were me I'd just get new clubs. 
Mostly just learned from playing. Still learning more and more about course management. 
A short drive for me is normally about 235-240. I've gotten to the point where I typically hit it between 250-260. In the beginning of the season a long drive for me would go about 245. I believe my problem was growing up (I'm 20 now) I was always taught to hit the ball straight and not worry about how far the ball goes. While that is all fine and dandy that's all I ever learned was to hit the ball straight and not how to generate speed and hit it far. I am just now at...
To be a Class A pro for the PGA of America you must pass a playing ability test, have work experience hours at a golf course, and pass the check point tests which include doing bookwork for the 3 checkpoints. I am in the Professional Management Program (PGM) at Ferris State. We take classes, do internships, and complete the bookwork. Going through a PGM program is perfect if you have not gone to college. If you have I'd suggest entering the apprenticeship program though...
Like to get more speed but based on Trackman I'm around 104 M.P.H. SInce everyone seems to be putting their age and size I'm 20 years old 5'7" 145 pounds. I had a Bridgestone ball fitting track me at 109 MPH but when I went to the Trackman immediately after I was back at around 104. I've also had other radars get me in the 120s (no freaking way!). 
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