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Choke down with a PW and make a half swing.
Lack of sleep can hurt your game for sure.
How many balls did you hit working on what the instructor told you?
Possibly. Your best bet will be to hit off a lie board when you get the clubs.
We've sold a lot of them where I work. I've even sold a set or two they're a really good iron. And on a side note I have never been a fan of Callaway.
Shaft length very much effects lie angle. The longer the club the flatter you need the club. The shorter the more upright. If it was me and I was ordering forged clubs I'd order the length I wanted then hit every club off a lie board and bend it to whatever lie it needs.
Are you talking something like a Titleist CB cavity back or more a game improvement iron? I'd say if you're talking Titleist CB then no. If you're talking game improvement irons then yes I do believe they have the potential to go further.
I played one for a few years. Liked it a lot. Def felt that it was easier than opening up the face on my 60. I'd say go with the Vokey.
I think you just have to find a putter that works best for you. In my opinion though a good putter can make the ball go in the hole using a broom. A good putter (person) is a good putter. 
Why not?
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