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I'm sorry but I just don't see this as working well. It would simply be too hard for the cart girl to go around to every group who wanted the service right then. If done correctly the girl should see the group every 3-4 holes. Now maybe an app to put in an order for food to be ready at the turn but of course you can always just have people call into the restaurant. 
You're probably not hitting the center of the club face. You're not strong enough to grip it tight enough so it doesn't move at impact if anything you need to have a lighter grip and focus on hitting the ball on the center of the face. 
Trackman combine Getting the angle of attack on my driver up and getting the spin rate down Checking my club path 
I'm pretty happy with my AP2s. Unless you're a really good player I wouldn't recommend the MP69s. MP59s are about on par for forgiveness with the AP2s. The new MP64s I think are great irons which are right in between the 59s and 69s. 
Game improvement irons are made to help get the ball in the air and hit it further. That's why the Bridgestones feel "dead". You can see the proof when you look at the smash factor (ball speed / clubhead speed) on irons comparing the PGA Tour to the LPGA Tour. The LPGA players have a higher average smash factor because they typically play more forgiving irons versus the PGA players who typically play blade irons. Ex.       PGA #1   LPGA #1 4 iron     1.40        ...
If I'm playing in a scramble I'm playing for fun. I guess if I'd say there's anything I don't like it's the slow play but I really just like to have fun.
You could get a GPS app. I'd say get a laser range finder I love my Bushnell. 
I thought Luke played the 63s. And the place I work at has the 64s and H4 club heads for hitting. We also got some project X graphite shafts and 2 C-Taper shafts. The 64 head with the C-Taper shaft was awesome!
2 considering getting a 3rd. Just so easy to hit!
And you now understand why they decided to limit how big the groves can be. Although it does affect the spin on clubs out of the fairway a little bit IMHO. I've noticed the difference in my wedges but I actually kind of like it. 
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