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Basically what happens is water and grass gets caught in the groves of the club so when you hit it it has a high launch and low spin. Those two combined will cause the ball to go very far. That's why with drivers you hear people talk about a high launch and low spin. 
Method putter is actually a really good putter. And like others said Nike makes him whatever he wants I don't see any reason for him to switch. 
I don't understand why you need 1 set to collect. 
The 3 wood goes about 235 in the air. The 2 hybrid is about 220 in the air. The 3 hybrid is about 210 and 4 iron goes about 195. 
14.25* 3 wood 18* hybrid 21* hybrid 4 iron
Been interlocking since I started starting golf seriously at around the age of 11 and I'm 20 now. I use 10 finger for around the green but full shots I like interlock the best. 
70 on my home course and I believe I was a 6 at the time? Best round I ever played was that summer on a difficult course I had never played before. Shot 72 and it was in a tournament. If I had been on my home course I honestly think it would have been a 68.
My girlfriend is the only person I know who doesn't like them. Granted when people give a review of 'em a lot of times they own them and have tried other irons. Granted the AP2s are just plain solid irons. Provide both forgiveness without looking big and bulky and feel solid off the club face.
Not being able to pat down spike marks or any other irregularities on the green. 
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