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I have the 910F and I love it. Great look and feel to it.
Hitting out of thick rough is something I have always struggled with. The course I grew up on really didn't have very thick rough so it's not really a shot I learned how to hit well. Any advice on how to play it, with a full swing, would be appreciated. Lately it seems I shank it sometimes out of the stuff but I'm pretty sure I've cured that. I know I sound like a 36 handicap right now but I really am a single digit who just never really learned how to play the shot well.
Both are great clubs. I play the AP2 and my girlfriend plays the MP-63 (she's a good player). From what I can tell the MP-63 would be more comparable to the Titleist CB. I find her MP-63 not as forgiving as my AP2 712 but then again I hate the shaft she has in it. I'd say hit 'em both. 63 does have a softer feel but unless you're a pretty good ball striker I'd go with the AP2s.
86 with a 14 on a par 5.
Ping i20 has a great feel and look to it.
Match play is a lot of head games. Which I like. Give 'em some short putts in the beginning then as the match goes on make 'em start putting them out. Also if they say "good? good?" and you feel confident in your putt don't agree to it. I've found when people say that they're typically not feeling too great about the 3-4 footer they have left. Also realize it doesn't matter whether you make 4 or 40 on a hole; it's just a loss of hole and you move on. Just keeping making...
That's how Nicklaus thought he did it. I know a pro who still uses the old train of thought "club path determines where the ball starts and face where it ends up". He is a good player and knows that it is no longer true but for him, when he plays, that's how he thinks of it. 
I had a shaft break on me while I was hitting range balls off a mat. 
The girl typically hits her drives about 225 in the air (Trackman). I wasn't there to witness but I have played the course and it's not very hard. I could see her driving some of the par 4s and a lot of the par 5s play like par 4s to her alone let alone guys who are good player. 
From a fitting stand point it'll be nice to be able to switch out different shafts with the same head. 
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