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I embrace the nerves. I don't really feel nerves unless I'm coming down the stretch and I know I'm probably in contention. I love getting that feeling. Tiger and some other guys call it their drug.
By hitting down on the ball you're losing distance. Tiger and Charles Howell III both hit down pretty severely with their drivers because they're not concerned with hitting big drives. While the average on the PGA Tour is -1* angle of attack (descending blow) that is only the average. Many guys swing up on the ball like Bubba and others swing way down on the ball like Tiger.    If you don't believe me, look it up. Trackman talks about it.
Golf clubs in my dorm were a normal sight. Granted me and my roommate are both professional golf management students. 
Congrats you shattered the 90 bench mark. Would have been pretty cool had you shot 79. You could say you've shot in the 70s and 90s but never in the 80s. 
As long as you're not playing them in competition or for money I don't see why anyone would care as long as you're keeping up. 
It's all about the 5 inch fairway between the ears. My putting got better when I changed my mentality about it.   "Paint the picture" and by that I mean see the ball going into the hole. In fact hear the ball falling into the cup. I will even try to think about previous putts I have made at a similar length to imagine making the putt. You need to think about the ball going into the cup even if you're not playing golf.  Don't care whether you make the putt or...
Best scramble (4 person) score I've ever heard was a 47 on a par 72. The men played the white tees and the girls play the lady tees. There were 3 solid players from the men's tees and a girl who's a pretty good college player playing from the lady tees. They had 7 eagles and all the rest birdies. 
Is it scramble or best ball? I've found it's best to have a good female player who can play from the lady tees to be in your group for a scramble. Group shot a 47 with 7 eagles and 11 birdies. Boy was it nice to be hitting chip shots onto par 4s!
Really like my Ping G10 hybrids. I'm thinking I'm going to get a 23 or 24* hybrid to replace my 4 iron and when I do I'll probably just get a 20 or 21* to match
Looks pretty good to me. When you practice your putting and short game do drills don't just hit balls around. Set up 4 tees in a circle around the hole about 3 feet away. Set up balls next to each of the tees and make yourself make 4 or 8 putts in a row before you move onto something else. Then work on lag putts (longer putts) and make it a game. Start yourself at -2 and putt to the hole with the tees around it. If you leave a putt short you make bogey and go to -1. If...
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