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Flyers exist. Not so much with square grooves but definitely with V grooves. 
1. Yes. For every degree of loft you take off, you lose one degree of bounce. For every degree of loft you add you add a degree of bounce. 2. As long as it works for you I see nothing wrong with it. 3. Your call on that one. 
My guess is you aren't making solid enough contact with the ball. You can either work on your swing or get a 23-24* hybrid. That should cover the distance of what your 4 iron should be. Your 4 iron should CARRY about 10 yards longer than your 5. 
Nothing in particular. I know every time I've had an energy drink then play golf I play TERRIBLE! I have found drinking gatorade during the round helps me. 
Sounds like one of the pros where I work. Guy plays a practice round and shoots 89. The next day in the tournament cards a 72. 
Hammer has got to be one of the most fun money games I have ever played. It's kind of hard to explain but once you understand it it's not hard and it's a blast. - You basically play 2 person best ball and throw the "hammer" back and forth. - There is a new hammer on every hole. So on every tee neither team has the hammer, it must be thrown. - We normally start the hammer at $1. Every time the hammer is thrown the bet doubles ($1, $2, $4, $8, etc.) - You can refuse to...
This is one many people don't do. When you're getting out of a bunker, especially green side, use your club to hit the bottom of your shoes to get the sand off the bottom. I see guys on tour do it but most amateurs do not. 
Yeah I was probably 17 when it happened, I'm 20 now. I use it as a way to talk about horrible finishes/chokes. I've won tournaments since then. It's one of those things that was a learning experience. 
Made a quad 8 on the last hole of a 36 hole tournament to lose by one shot. Talk about choking. I was pissed about it for a solid 2 weeks. 
I love my 910 D2. R11 would be a great driver if you don't get the stock shaft. The Diamana Kai'li is a great shaft that comes with no up charge on the Titleist. 
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