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You can get it that way if you order it through any place that will put in the order.
The only way for me to know whether you're getting the right driver/shaft combo would be if I saw your numbers on Trackman. The two main numbers are launch angle and spin rate. Other numbers come into play but those are the two main numbers. 
I work at a golf academy in Indiana with a golf course across the street. Today I got a call from a guy who said his daughter had the lie angle on this clubs adjusted by a place in Ft. Wayne and that he thought they had screwed them up. He wanted me to take a look. I said sure and he was at the academy in about an hour. At first I thought it was probably some guy who wasn't very good and was trying to blame the clubs for it.    When he walked in I had a feeling that...
Titleist 910 D2 10.5 set at D1 Titleist 910F 15* set at D1 Ping G10 18 and 21 Titleist AP2 712 4-PW Titleist Vokey 51, 56, 62 And currently a Titleist Newport 2 (this years) but it's normally a Ping D66
Why? Lol jk thanks for the advice. I will make sure to keeping learning as much as possible.
The problem with places that use an indoor launch monitor is they tend not to be very accurate and they can boost the distance on them for when you hit their clubs. To increase smash factor you need to start hitting the center of the club face. I'd suggest lessons or possibly cutting down your driver. 
Great post. I'm in the PGM program at Ferris State and am just this summer really getting into instruction. I've found just about everything you said to be so true and I can see some of the things that lay ahead for me as I learn more about teaching and the golf swing. 
Good! I personally think the current 910H sucks. 
What did they use to track these numbers. And based on your smash factor I'd say that's why you don't hit your driver well (basically not making solid contact with the ball).
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