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This looks like a really interesting practice aid... I'm definitely going to have to look at one of these closer
These are my favorite balls to play. My swing speed is a little lower down in the mid to high 80's on average and while I wouldn't say they are the longest balls I've played, they definitely made up for it in feel around the greens and when putting if you want that soft feel... I was previously playing the Bridgestone E6 and they were longer but I had problems with them sticking to the greens I was playing and bouncing or rolling off . Those same shots would be on the...
And as a follow up I can't wait to get to the range tomorrow night and hit this thing again and just swing my clubs in general. As much as this game makes me crazy, nothing feels better than flushing it with any club
The Amp Cell was what I went in expecting to buy. It came in a very close second for sure. I fell in love with and bought the amp cells as my irons towards the end of last year after expecting to spend a ton more on the Pings or the new Mizuno's but I hit them way better than anything else. The other driver I really liked was the G25 but I couldn't justify the extra money especially when I was hitting the R1 better
Thanks Hammer! I feel like a total tool but I'm psyched about this one. Spam, I don't plan on touching the settings as we definitely spent time tweaking things on the launch monitor till I was consistently (or at least as much as possible ) hitting the same looking shot distance and shape wise. I actually ended up lowering my loft to 9.5 from my usual 10.5 closed the face and set it up with more of a draw bias weighting wise and I was consistent 255-270 with a draw or a...
I went into goldsmith today thinking I was going to buy the cobra amp cell driver and walked out with a black R1. I saw they had it on super sale along with the cobra and a couple of calloway's. I got lucky and they actually had most of them in lefty and luckily the only R1 happened to be my much preferred black one. After hitting them all and narrowing it down to the cobra and the R1 we got to tweaking both and after that it was no contest. The R1 was way more...
I just bought the factory black one today and love the look of the combined glossy and matte finish... If I was doing only one though I'd stick with the matte sandblasted look
Interesting... I bought a couple dozen balls at costco this weekend and the one's by me in NY were called Hex Control.  They're a 3pc non-urethane ball.  For $30/2 dozen I figured why not especially since I'm playing 3 water laden courses down in Ocean City, MD this weekend and I expect to lose a bunch due to my mental block with water.   If I had more time I would have bought the TP3's from TGW or the Hex Chrome Xouts which were $20/dozen also on TGW.  I love the TP3's...
I was looking at the Hex Pro also just not sure if I can get to Costco anytime soon.  I have a golf trip down to Ocean City Maryland next Thursday so I need to pick up some balls this weekend for that trip.   I noticed Golfsmith was running a sale on the HX Bite balls with 2 dozen for $30.  Anyone have any experience with them?  I noticed they're also a 3piece ball.
I used to game the Chrome which I loved but couldn't justify the cost with how many I was losing so I switched to the Taylormade TP3 which is now discontinued. I was just looking and saw Callaway now has Hex Hot and Hex Hot Pro which are a bit cheaper than the Chrome but still 3 piece balls. I know the hots are not a urethane cover but is that a big difference? Other than that how different would they play?
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