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I have had a hard time convincing myself to buy a mat. I have a net in the backyard, but not no grass at the moment. I have always felt that mats mess up your swing being that a fat shot on grass can look like a perfect shot on mat. Do any of you guys have any trouble transitioning from mat to grass prior to a round or is it just me? I play better when the course has a grass range.
  Ill have to disagree. You are trying to differentiate what a practice swing is. Whether I stand still then slowly take the club away or take a half swing thinking of a specific motion, I would still classify it as a practice swing. Maybe a pro wouldn't but most of us aren't pro's. You guys are trying to say that a practice swing and a swing to get the feel are not both before the real swing. Whether doing a practice swing to get the feel or practicing to to try to...
I think that is an incorrect statement. Better players do take practice swings. Look at most pros. They do take multiple practice swings. Most amateurs do not thus they usually find it harder to hit shots the same way that they envisioned. At least thats how I see it.  
Ok. Ill change my comment. Its fun, but not as wide open. I sometimes have issues with my driver and the Babe has been tough in past rounds.    
The best course in my city is the Pacific Palms Hotel. Its right in my backyard, literally. My back yard bumps up against the 9th tee of the Babe course. They have the Eisenhower " Ike" and the Babe course. Both are pretty difficult, but maintained very well. Im partial to the Ike. The babe is target golf and not so much fun.
I am still trying to work out my pre-shot routine. I used to just get up to the ball and hit it. I hit well, but wasn't consistent. I just started ingraining a pre-shot routine where I line up to the the ball using my right toe and aim the club at the target. My aim has been 100% better, but my fade keeps getting in the way. This thread just sparked my need for 1-2 practice swings just to try to feel what I am trying to do.
Congratulations. It always feels good when you see yourself progressing. Keep it up.  
I started off by getting her a set of inexpensive clubs for Christmas. Then a pair of slick Nike golf shoes and some bling bling golf markers. That sparked her interest. I had her reeled in from there. Now, it getting to be more about golf than all the outfits.  
If my Golflogix app on my Droid X didnt crash so much, I would totally agree with you. I hope they fix it soon so I can pick a side.  
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