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Do you remember the "diamond coated" wedges? Didn't think so.
Hottest on the LPGA IMO
I can't believe no one has labeled Haney a racist...yet.
Nose high 2 bounce drill bit.
Some scuz swiped my Wilson Staff 8813 Reverse Stamp putter last week. I have used it since 1972 and I am lost.   If anyone had one for sale or trade please contact me. I would settle for the Traditional Stamped 8813 that has a 3 digit number stamped on the bottom to denote putter length.   I attached a picture of my reverse stamp and the speed slot shaft to show you what the real thing looks like.   You can send pictures to my email.    geneinnc at charter...
Dawn. Cuts dirt like a knife. Bristle brush and lots of water after.
All of my joints are degenerative since I was 48. I get a spinal epidural every 3 months. That gives me relief for 6 weeks max in the summer. 4 injections a year is the max. I took Vioxx and lost 40% of my kidney function, so oral meds are out.
That's possible. I have always been blessed with a short game, and my 100 and in game came back really quick. I still use the 8813 I bought in 64. I can hardly bend down to putt. There is one par 3, 45 minutes away. No clue if they have any activities.
12 years of atrophy was too much to overcome. I tool it slow & easy for 2 months, chipping, putting then half shots only at 80mph.   One session at full speed did me in, if you call 96 mph full speed. I can't even tie my shoes, and oxy does not even touch the pain. Another spinal epidural next week.   I really thought the 68 lb weight loss would be enough to help my body heal.   Yep, I'm as low as I have ever been. God I love the game and will miss it so...
I tested the Velocity against Tour Balata 100 I had left over. I can't back the Balata like I did post injury, but I found them egual on spin. I was really shocked how the Velocity would one hop stop, even at 35 yards.   I tried the Bridgestone 330 RX in the test. It took spin as well, but was a club shorter than the Velocity.
New Posts  All Forums: