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Great thread.  The way I cured my slice was to adjust my hip movement at the beginning of the downswing.  Ideally I want my upper body still facing a little bit away from the target when I drop my hands on the downswing.  But my lower body is much stronger than my upper body, so when I fired my hips to face the target on the downswing, they went too quickly.  My upper body was facing towards the ball when I was lowering my hands, so the only thing I could ever do was...
Tell us about your swing... how cleanly are you hitting the ball, and when your full shots go wrong, what usually causes it?
Its good to think about if you hit the ball fat, which means that angle isn't staying there long enough.    It might be more helpful to think about other things that make for a good lag, like proper grip pressure, good rhythm during your swing, hands in front of ball at impact, and not trying to kill the ball.     
I don't know if there are any Bridgestone reps near you, but I was in a similar search recently and decided on the J40 irons.  (Dual Pocket Cavity for the 3-4 irons, and Cavity Backs for 5-P).  I love them.  They are forged, and people on this forum often say that Mizuno, Srixon, and Bridgestone make the best forged irons around.
I try to play a few holes a round where I take one more club than I need in order to calm down my swing.  I kept finding that those were the shots where I hit the ball the best, kept my balance, had good tempo, etc.  So now I try to swing like I have an extra club unless I have to land the ball quickly.  That helps to negate the side spin (as well as backspin). 
Rusty - you said that much better than I did. I like the way you explained it... A much better way to think about it.
I've been swinging about 80% lately and have been hitting my irons a lot more consistently, without losing much distance.  I was wondering if you guys are doing the same, or swinging closer to all-out. 
My old bag has a 3 way divider, and I'm looking at new ones.  Do you find that 6 way dividers are adequate, or should I focus on bags with 14?
Yes - it is possible.  I'm originally from Augusta, and I know many people (men and women) who have played the course.    A lot of women play the Augusta National.  Someone who would know once told me women play over a thousand rounds a year there, which for a winter-only course is a lot more than people would expect. So it is likely that your friend was telling the truth.   By the way, the women who go there say they are treated with more respect than anywhere else they...
I usually choose a punch shot instead of a gap wedge from 100 yards and in unless the pin is tucked behind something nasty.  I would definitely teach it younger players.  I've got more confidence in it than in any other shot I hit.
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