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I was searching for words in the previous post when I was talking about your belly button.  What I should have said was when your hips start moving laterally early in the downswing, keep your chest facing away from the target.  When I come over the top, its usually because my hips turn too much too soon and my chest no longer faces away from the target.    There are a lot of good things you can learn from that video.
This is a great short video from the Golf Channel.      Note the difference between her hips on the correct transition and what they do on the over the top move.  When coming over the top, we often turn our hips too far too soon which brings our upper body around (where the belly button faces in front of the ball) and then the only thing we can do is come over the top.     Instead, on the correct move, the hips move laterally/slide/drive/bump/twist slowly...
Years ago I was a USGA member and was able to get a US Open Program before the tournament.  I just rejoined, and did not see that as one of the member options.  Do you know if it is still possible to buy the US Open programs?
oops - i meant to say 861s.    Thanks guys.  
The last few weeks I've been talking to the pro at the local golf shop about Bridgestone irons.  I've been debating between the J40 cavity backs and the J40 dual pocket cavities.  Fortunately he knows them well and has let me hit both.    So today I wander in, and he runs over and says he's just been talking about me.  (That made me a little nervous).  He walks over with brand new J40 cavity backs that have been hit once on the range.  The original owner decided they...
Here is a helpful drill that you can do in your house to help stop coming "over the top."  It comes from LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen.  I have found it very helpful.  
To me, its not that 18>14, but Jack held it together for decades.  I love watching Tiger and hope he can win a few more majors and be the dominating factor he once was.  If he does then I will seriously reconsider, even if he doesn't reach 18.  But for now I think Jack is still the greatest.
One of the guys at the local golf shop has the J38 dual pocket cavity irons, and I was able to hit them recently.  They felt great.  The same shot has a set of J38 cavity backs for sale that have never had a grip put on them.  I like the looks of the cavity back better than the dpc, and have thought a lot about buying them.     One question -  how much would I be giving up in forgiveness going from the dpc to the cavity back?  I was pleased with how I hit the dpc,...
1986 Masters final round (Nicklaus over Norman and Kite) 1975 Masters final round (Nicklaus over Johnny Miller and Tom Weiskopf) Braves-Mets, July 4th 1985, 19 inning game   I love Jack Nicklaus, but at the time I was pulling for Weiskopf in 75 and Norman in 86.  The Golden Bear broke my heart both of those days.   And in the Mets-Braves game, they finished at 5:00 AM the next morning.  Since it was the July 4th game it was followed by fireworks.  There were...
correction - I meant to say White Steel #1 (instead of Odyssey White Hot).
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