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I am more of a sweeper and don't take much of a divot... would one of the sole designs be more favorable to my kind of swing?
shhhhh!  I've been watching those ebay sales this afternoon too.  There are some great deals on Bridgestone irons.  I'm leaning towards the J33CBs though.  
I use the Odyssey White Hot putter that is shaped like a Ping Answer.  It is without a doudt the least likely club in my bag to ever be replaced.  I love the shape, the weight, but the thing that separates it from the other similar putters is the aiming lines on the back of it.  Something about them makes me feel like I will make every putt.  
I totally agree with the combo sets.  I could get one locally but the J33 combos are pretty ugly.  Thanks for the info.  This is very helpful. 
I may take a chance on either the J33CB or J36CB.  I have hit the J38 and J40 and loved them.  I would probably like all the Bridgestone irons.   Are there any main differences between the 33 and 36?
Several years ago there was a thread "Mizuno Players."  A poster rated the MP series regarding their forgiveness in this order: 52s, 57s, 60s, 62s, 32s, 67s, 33s, 14s/29s   I thought that was a very interesting list.  I would love to hear your current lists now that there are several new additions to the MP family.  Thanks in advance!
The Titleist hybrids have adjustable lofts, so you could tweak it until you get the right distance gap dialed in.  I'm really thinking about one myself.  You can also adjust the lie in case you are a little upright or flat.
I know the AP2 are a little more forgiving the the 712 Cavity backs, but how much control do they have compared to the CBs?  When I tried them I got the feeling the AP2s weren't giving up much control for the benefits, but it was a windy day (40 mph right to left) and it was hard to tell for sure.  
DrCut - you should probably check Craigslist - I have been surprised by how many good sets of clubs are available locally.  Also, there are many clubs just like you described on ebay.  Good luck with your search.  I'm sorry about your friends clubs, but am glad you're looking out for him.  
Elmer - he might be talking about me.  I may need to take my index off.  I was a single digit handicapper (with old rusty Hogan Apex blades), had to walk away from it because of young kids, now they are into golf and I've started playing again last month.  I'm loving my iron play (with cavity backs now) and am easing back to blades by getting a combo set.  But I have lost all feel around the greens which is why my handicap is temporarily double digits.  That, and I live...
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