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Thanks!  That is very helpful.  Thats interesting that you said that about the blades.  I was hitting the 588 blades compared to the Bridgestone cavity backs.  I went to the store to try out full cavity back sets, but the pro showed me the 588s.  He had only put a grip on a blade, so I tried that and loved it.  It felt just as good as the J38 and J40.  I'm really thinking about getting the 588 3-6 CB and 7-W MB combo.   The more I read, the more it sounds like they...
I had a chance to test these irons today, and they felt great.  I was hitting them side by side with a Bridgestone J40 and J38.  I expected the Bridgestones to feel better, but the 588s held their own.  Have any of you tried them yet?    I was talking to someone about them, and he thought the 588s may have been forged for Cleveland by Srixon, which if it is true, would explain why they felt so good.  Is there any truth to that story?   
Has anyone had a chance to compare either of the J40 versions with the J33cb or J36cb?   Thanks.
I was at a demo day yesterday.  I spent a lot of time with a Titleist rep.  He spoke very highly of the Ping guys.
These are great stories.  Thanks for letting us know about them.
Hello all.  First, I've got to say I love this forum, and really appreciate all the things I've learned.  I am a Director of Operations at two free standing Chick-fil-A stores in Lubbock, TX.  Its a great company, with great customers, and its a pleasure to work there.    Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm unable to surf the web at work, so all my time here is late at night.  Its probably a good thing or else I'd spend way too much time on this site!!
Are there some golf companies that you like to support, even to the point of being glad to pay full price?  Not because of status, but because of how they run their business, how they treat customers, how well they support their products, what the company stands for, etc.   If so, I would love to hear about them and why you appreciate them so much.  Thanks in advance for any replies.
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