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I am working on taking the club back on a more outside path, lately my miss is a low pull due to the club getting stuck behind my body thus coming over the top.  Its such a terrible feeling, for me, it is usually accompanied with a sway towards the target on the downswing.     I have much more control over my swing from the top when the club is in front of my body,  It is much easier to reroute from this position than to fight the over the top move from a stuck position.  
Do you think "dead hands" on the backswing allows you to tense your hands together at impact resulting in distance gains?
explain this please
Yeah my bad,  Ive been posting on a lot of other threads, being very detailed on what I'm working on and trying to correct.. Forgot the detail on my own thread...  
Yeah,  I just need to be more patient..   Im am changing from and over the top finish to a correct finish (plane wise) Working on hitting in to out to get the feel...
Its much harder for me to get my driver and woods working from the inside.. topping the ball a lot   Any thoughts?   I have a good deep shoulder turn at transition,  just seem to come out of my arc easily and my right shoulder moves up.
Also, could you take a slo-mo video?
Halfway back concentrate on getting the butt of the club pointing towards your target    
I was thinking of another feel you can think of...   at the start of your downswing imagine trying to hit the golf ball to right field...   You will produce SO much more power if you can swing on plane.. think of a hula hoop tilted on an incline.  Your backswing follows that path however your downswing sucks back in (to the left) throwing off the hula hoop plane line.....   Even though you are swinging harder the ball will not go as far when you swing to...
Damn that sucks... I haven't gotten to that point yet, my game is still on the rise    
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