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I play with 2 guys all the time and all three of us always use Golfshot.  Every time we compare, the readings are on average 2 to 4 yards different between each phone.     The twenty yard difference mentioned before sounds like an interference problem at that particular time... Occasionally my app is 600 yards off... just wave the phone around a bit if the gps looks "off" and it tends to correct itself.  
Golfshot is on sale right now... $19.99
Make sure you get the matching cart!
The R11s have more distance compared to the AP2s because the R11s are strong lofted 3 degrees! You should hit your 8 iron AP2 about as far as your R11 9 iron because they are near the same loft.
All of the monitors can be adjusted for wind and roll... So they can be juiced or conservative on distance, but your ball speed and spin rates cannot be juiced.
We Have similar handicaps... I bought titelist AP2s with +1/2" Dynamic Gold SL with dritec grips +1. I would suggest not buying anything advertised a lot as most game improvement irons have too much offset for players who draw the ball... Which is most players under a 10. I personally didn't like the R11s because of the offset. Although they were easy to hit well I hooked them. Best advice is to get fit.
This is the actual link.[=http://www.benningtongolf.com/golf-bags/zone-stand-bag-2/][/]although I haven't used this model the Bennington bag I have is great.
I also took about a decade break from golf... Upon my return, the differences in the golf ball was by and far the most significant advancement. I was a 3.8 handicap using Balatas and the Professional 100. There isn't much in common with today's golf balls and the ones made 10 to 20 years ago although you could probably match putter feel to the professional 90. I would suggest buying any ball labeled "soft", like the Nike. I currently use the Titleist Pro 1Vx and am...
Update: Golfshot was updated recently and is now better than ever.... Best $30 I've spent, I use it constantly and even bought their companion app, Golfplan, that suggests drills after analyzing your Golfshot statistics.
It is amusing that you insult English majors and then make a common mathematical mistake.If someone is exaggerating their drive by 20% to equal 300 yards then 60 yards does not come in to the equation. Donk.
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