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how trustworthy is the person that told you they were fakes? could be they were trying to take you for a ride and get them on the cheap.
As someone who has been a golf sales rep for domestic and foreign brands I can tell you that the clubs have to be knock-offs or counterfeit. The prices are even below the prices that one could get with an employee purchase when being a sales associate at a major golf retailer like golf galaxy or dicks. The prices are even below what the companies sell their closeouts for to a retailer like dicks or golf galaxy. Markups range anywhere from 30-50% on golf clubs, and then...
Its pretty obvious he is getting fake product from one of the chinese trade based websites and selling it as legit product through his sites. You think if the guy was going to put in all the work that he would have paid the small extra fee to godaddy to have the domain registration information kept private.      The fact that he lists dhl and ems as the shipping methods is proof he would just have everything drop shipped from whatever chinese connection he has. i...
2005 red dodge ram 1500 ext cab, 20" rims (dodge rims, not gangsta rims) 2005 red hyundai elantra gt hatchback or 1993 suzuki sidekick (my off road junk machine)   I'm not into super flashy cars, I have gotten enough tickets in my past and I have a bit of an accidental lead foot.
Hey guys,    I will be honest, I am very familiar with the products of the big name golf companies in both the U.S. and overseas, however It is hard for me on my own to figure out what is best for me.   I'm around a 15 handicap currently. I used to be much better until I reached a point in my life when I didnt play a single round for over 4+ years and then had an injury and had to have a shoulder reconstructed. I'm a smaller guy that doesnt have much power behind...
Hit a horrible 7 iron off the tee on 167 yard par 3. Stuck behind a huge tree blocking the pin and a fair amount of the green. Duffed that shot, but brought it to the side of the tree where at least I could see the pin.  Chipped in from there to save par (25-30ft chip in)! Ended up being the best part of the round, the rest was pretty bad.
I'm a web designer and computer repair specialist for my own company as well as a local golf equipment distributor for a few brands. Though I am still not a very good golfer.
New Posts  All Forums: