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I am plagued w over the top swing   recent golf mag tip suggested 3 ways to cure this problem, one of which was to hold your head back as your shoulders swing thru the ball...........this has worked pretty well for me. Another suggestion was to start the downswing with left knee motion.......which i find very difficult to do.   how have you cured over the top problems
I am 70 and recently bought a set of dumbell weights (5,10,15 and 20) with intent of working out regularly to improve strenghth and flexibility for golf. Any suggested exwecises would be appreciated
i am currently using 5 year old cobra draw biased driver w 9.5 degree loft and reg flex. Also have draw biased Cobra 3 and 5 woods which i hit well   I am 70 with a swing speed of high 80's to low 90's w driver. I tend to hit the ball high w a fade. I fight coming over the top and when i keep right elbow tucked in the ball goes fairly straight   I'd like to move to a used club with latest technology and avoid spending 300+ for adjustibility. Draw biased works for...
i am ordering g20's asap   golf tec fitter reccommended yellow dot +1/2 inch length regular flex and mid size grips   attended ping demo day and ping rep reccommended white dot and+3/4 shaft length and senior flex......hit them very well   went back to golf tec and we are agreeing on a compromise green dot and + 1/2 inch and sticking w reg flex........I am 70 and am borderline reg flex......if swing speed declines I will re-shaft downstream. Golftec thought...
suggest you use google to find a wealth of information, first google game imrprovement irons, then google how to chip, then google how to pitch. Do not invest significant money in equipment until you master the basics. I recently bought Ping G20 game improvement irons. They are vastly superior to the Ping Zing 2 I played for past 20 years.
Today I ordered 4 Taylormade ATV wedges. I tried them at a local club and hit about 100 balls from buried lies, sand, lush fairways and greenside pitches and chips. I thought these clubs were awesome and far superior to my old Cleveland wedges. ATV stands for all terrain versatility. My summer golf in Maine is much different than winter golf in Florida which have very different conditions. The ATV is ideal for my situation. Suggest you try them
I went to Golf Tec for a fitting. I am ordering Ping G20. I saw the new Taylormade ATV wedge and tried them at local club and found them to be very much better than my old Cleveland wedges. Hit 100 balls from lush grass, buried lies, sand, hardpan and snarly rough.Now I am debating which PW to buy...........the G20 version or Taylormade version which I think I prefer.   I am leaning towards buying Taylormade PW, GW, SW and lob wedge even though Golf Tec, Ping and...
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