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I didnt have any of my golf equipment at school and havent played in months but i still wanted to play. I got a good deal at a private course my sister worked at. So i had 10 year old crappy RAM rented clubs, no golf shoes, no glove, and a dozen of the cheapest top flites they had. I didnt expect much i just wanted to play. On the 8th hole, an uphill 195 yd par 3, i took out the steel shafted 3 hybrid and hit a low line drive hook(not on purpose) that went in the general...
Thats a good story but high school golf and college golf are completely different beasts. For example my high school was asking people in gym class to join the golf team. College golf requires alot of stuff that has been previously explained in this thread. Theres nothing wrong with giving it a try, but you also have to be realistic.
What do you mean controllable? The MC's are great. I was a price tag away from getting them over the Nike Pro Combos. They are surprisingly forgiving and have a pretty good feel. It all depends on whether you feel comfortable standing over them. The MC's are on the thin side and the burners are on the thick side. The long irons in the MC's would be more of a challenge to hit, so if you like those i would look at getting hybrid or cavity back replacements for the long...
Those are 2 very different irons. Do you want/need forgiveness, distance, or control?  Give us some more details then we might be able to help you.
The club would just look a little different. Sometimes unrecognizable differences but there is always something. You can call titleist and check the serial number to match to those clubs. If it is a local reputable store, it shouldnt be a problem unless they buy/sell stuff on ebay. I go to school at ECU but when im home im in Charlotte.
Ask the person at the store. If they dont know then they should be able to put it on a machine and it will tell you.
It shouldnt be a problem but i would ask if they are real and not counterfit. I doubt a local store would have counterfit clubs but you never know. Also the Razr Hawk is a great driver. My brother has it and he loves it.
Yes, we just do it. Taylormade has the highest market share so clearly they are doing something right. The way people buy products in the real world is they see advertisements, go look at the product, then make a buying decision (buy or not buy.) The key word is decision. We as consumers have the choice to buy whatever we want for whatever reason. Some people buy into the claims of the big companies and that is their choice and some people go through rigourous research...
Getting new clubs wont directly make you lower your hcp, but if you are not confident with your current clubs you will never lower your hcp. Also dont forget about drivers, hybrids, woods, and wedges. An up to date driver will help more than up to date irons and your wedges should not be worn out either.
Wouldnt that be great. The problem is that it's the big bad golf company's fault, it's OUR FAULT. They just tell us numbers and we believe them. They dont lock us in a basement and force us to buy their "new longer" product. We just do it. So blame the the golfers not the company. They are trying to make money and doing a really good job doing it.
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