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I respectfully disagree. If spending 420 is not a problem with you then go for it. If you get a walmart set, you will grow out of it and have to buy new clubs anyways. AP1 is a great set to start with and even finish with. If money is going to be a problem then go to walmart in order to save for  green fees and other clubs.
I was waiting until somebody found a good use for that driver. I hit about half a bucket of balls on the range and thought it felt amazing and the ball flight was great. However it was just too light and whippy to keep a consistent swing. Congrats on the find.
The clubs might be the problem but not enough to separate a finger. It has to be a swing flaw. Im 5'5" and my clubs are standard length and lie. Length of practice means nothing if it's not quality. Keep trying, dont give up yet, golf is not easy.
Correct me if im wrong, but are you saying Tiger/Nike has not been well represented at the tops of leaderboards? He has more wins than anybody else on tour and has contended in all of the majors. As long as Tiger is playing, Nike is benefiting. Wie is the same way. The cameras always show her whether she is playing good or bad. People watch the PGA tour for Tiger and the LPGA for Wie amongst others. She's not playing well but she's still pretty fun to watch.
That's part true. I am sure Tiger was the reason for Nike becoming as big as they are now, but now Nike has made great products and Nike is the reason for becoming a leading manufacturer. I would not be surprised if a bunch of young kids that are new to golf would buy Nike because of Tiger, but if you have been playing long enough, you buy things based on how they work for you. When i was buying my new clubs i never once thought of Tiger.
He did, it's called Nike Golf
The Pro Combos are amazing
Getting the AP1 for long irons is no big deal. You may not like the look of them,  but like you said they hit great. And as for shafts, where as Nippon is very light, DG S300 is pretty heavy. So be careful with the drastic change.
No, you were asking "should tiger drop nike." Then you went on to say you had some bad experiences with a club and some balls and we did tell you that they make great stuff while we were poking fun at you.
Ive heard that awful sound too!
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