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Like I said earlier I AP2 just didnt work for me, I was just using them as a reference point for clubs that I have hit. And about getting a club with a deeper cavity, I hit the MP 53 perfectly fine so i wouldnt want to get a club with a deeper cavity than that (except i20). And for whatever reason i hit the Pro Combo Cbs pretty well too, so maybe my iron play isnt as weak as some of you are infering and that is partly my fault because there is not really a way to...
Cleveland is always a brand that I forget about, thanks for reminding me of these. They are great looking irons, but i would never get MB. Cleveland will be at my club in a week so i will give these a try.
Where did you buy this because this has the signs of a counterfit club?
Does anyone play with Nike Pro Combo Cb's? I would love to hear what you have to say.
Thanks for the input. I understand that some of these clubs are probably out of my range, but when i hit the Nikes they didnt seem as penalizing as expected from a players type club. There is a Demo day at my club in a week and i plan on hitting pretty much every club available.
I am in the process of researching/buying new irons and wanted some outside opinions. A little bit about me, im a smaller guy (5'5" 125lbs) i play at a 13 hcp with an average score around 88. I play at least once a week, but in the summer it will be 2 or 3 times a week. Chipping and putting is the strongest aspect of my game and ball striking on irons is my weakest. I hit my 8 iron 150 with 10 yard gaps in between clubs. My 6 iron swing speed is 85mph (mizuno shaft...
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