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First of all NO. Second, everything that Tiger is using was built for him and because of him. And just because you hit a 3 wood bad a few years ago and didnt like it doesnt make it a bad club. I hit the AP2 a month ago and didnt like it, but i know it is still a very good club. Maybe you were the problem. And of course the Power Distance balls were terrible, thats why they cost like $10. Have you hit a 20XI, probably not. Nike has made some gimmicky clubs in the past but...
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Tiger Woods: -10 Luke Donald: -10 Zach Johnson: -10
17 yards gained is the bare minimum
Funny because i have a marketing background. As long as you dont claim you hit your 6 iron farther than everyone. Then the science/engineering will take affect because of the strengthened lofts.
Why do so many people care about the evil marketing tactics of Taylormade and other large companies. If you like the clubs, buy them. Dont worry about what the TV says about distance and accuracy. If strengthed lofts bother you, dont buy them. Clubs today are better for the average to below average golfer unlike many years ago.
I got my first and only hole in one at Ironwood a few years ago, but enough about me. Make sure you do the correct practice. Dont just hit balls for a few hours. Work on short game and putting. Also if you cant hit it very far, make sure you are playing the correct tees. Congrats on the score.
I have a feeling they will be just like the previous anser irons. They will be good but nothing special and definately not worth the price tag. It's too bad they cant make these cheaper because they look great.
It's all good, at least you admitted your "mistake" early. Some people try to defend themselves and it gets way out of hand. It's really funny.
If none of them are better then dont upgrade. Also be careful with humblebragging, they dont take kindly to it on here. For example see "Considering Muscleback Blades" thread
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