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I dont know what you are expecting out of this new shaft to justify driving 6 hours both ways and spending alot of money. I am sure there are other aspects of your game that you can work on especially since you are only a 12 hcp.
I dont want to be mean but the amount of time it took you to make this post was longer than it could have been to just google mizuno mx 19 and click on like the 2nd or 3rd link. By the way it is 50*.
Whatever you do, DO NOT JUST WING IT. You are a 12 hcp you will not be a scratch golfer with this new shaft. Wait until there is a demo day so you can try out each shaft in your range so you  can find the right shaft for you. Putting in the wrong shaft will only make it worse
Exactly what he said. And i wouldnt do it at dicks either, i dont trust them
If you have a pretty consistent swing then yes an aftermarket shaft will help, but it is likely you will have to spend around $200. If you have the money then it wouldnt be the worst investment.
I dont trust the indoor launch monitors for anything other than swing speed and sometimes i question that. I was fitted on a Flightscope outdoors with Nike and it was very accurate. Trackman and Flightscope are the only ones that i would trust because they have the doppler ball tracking. As a side note it is really fun to see how far you dont hit the ball with a ball tracking launch monitor.
I would do a combo of CB/MB for either Titleist or Cleveland. Theres no reason to have MB long irons.
Nike Pro Combo Cb. They are similar to the Razr but chrome instead of satin. And the cavity in the long irons. The heads are smaller with a thinner top line too.
Based on how you described your accuracy faults i dont think a stiffer shaft will drastically make you hit it straighter. It could probably help but not fix. And dont think because you hit a few good PX shots that you should get them. PX are not the most user friendly shaft in the world. Of course if you get fitted and they recomend them then by all means go for it. The articles you read were right about going with the softer flex. Your swing has to be more precise the...
i love the Razr forged, but the long irons arent forgiving enough for me
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