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ive hit these many times at the golf store and they are great but not $1400 great. Every pro i have talked to says they dont perform any better than any other Ping iron. Tour pros dont even use them, they either use i20 or S56. There are plenty of other irons in this category that are just as good and much cheaper.
The i20s have thicker soles  than the Razr and have more weights and technology in them, so they are probably a little more forgiving. I have hit the Razr and i would put them in the category of "surprisingly forgiving." If you plan on getting hybrid long irons then there would be no problem getting the Razr. Like you said you just need to hit these side by side and pick the one that feels right. Dont forget about getting the right shaft as well. That can make a big...
These clubs are very different. Im sure you know the obvious differences. The only way i would get Razr would be to change out the long irons for something more forgiving. Cant go wrong with either.
Why would you compare it courses you see on TV? They are on TV because they are the best of the best. Most casual private clubs dont have immaculate designs and fancy features. Most are just well maintained solid course designs.
Not every private course has the same deals. Mine is $200 a month plus cart fee if needed. There are 4 reciprocal courses. Unlimited golf, unlimited range, no food minimums. It sucks that courses around you are more expensive, but you cant group EVERY private course into one group.
It makes complete sense. If you go out and hit the Cleveland Black 265 driver you will understand. That thing is so light its like swinging a feather. I felt like i had no control over the club. Dont get me wrong, when i made solid contact with it, it was a great club but i dont feel i couuld get a consistent swing out of it.
Well my family has a membership and we dont even play golf. We just use it to show off our fancy cars and boats in the parking lot while laughing at the poor people driving to the cow pasture they call a golf course, HAHA. Dont stereotype something you clearly know nothing about. If you play golf twice a week and go to the range a few times, you are covered at my club and probably most clubs.
My club has a reciprocity program so i can play a couple of courses in the area for the price of the cart. It is nice to have a change of pace everyonce in a while. Also just going to the range whenever i want is a huge plus. If its later in the day i can just pop in the clubhouse and tell them i am going to tee off and 95% of the time they say go ahead. If i play twice a week and go to the range a couple times, it pays for itself. Also we have no food minimums or pool...
Taylormade MC Forged are great and Nike Pro Combo has a good mix of forgivness and playability. If i had your ball striking i would get Titleist CB with a lower launching shaft in a heartbeat. They are the best looking irons on the market. Im sure someone has said this but im just giving my opinion.
Originally Posted by RPMPIRE I have the Nike VR Pro blades and I chose them over the Titleist 710/12 mostly because I prefer to have a thinner top line and the Nike VR had the thinnest one. There are more grooves on the Nike irons, which doesn't take long to get used to or revert back from if you decide to change irons. 710 is chrome, 712 is satin, and Nike is chrome. Most of the differences are aesthetics and if everyone says that they perform the same, then I think...
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