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im unpatiently waiting for my irons too
Driver: Titleist 907 D1 Stock R Flex Shaft 3 Wood: Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 Stock R Flex Shaft Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro Gold 20* Stock Matrix Ozik R Flex Shaft Irons: 3-PW Nike Pro Combo CB Dynalite 110 S300 Wedges: 52* Nike VR Pro X3X, 56* Nike SV Tour Putter: No name kids putter (it works) Ball: Taylormade Penta
Hunter Mahan-276 Sergio Garcia-278 Luke Donald-279
What shaft did you end up with?
I dont want to get off topic and this is all probably true, but no where in the world is there a cast club that is built to exact specs as any forged club. So scientifically this is true but realisticly this situation doesnt exist. Ex: there is no direct cast equivilent to Titleist CB, MB, AP2
Also try a lighter weight shaft. PX 6.0 is 120g and DG S300 is 130g. I was told by a fitter that 100-115 is better for people who have slow-med swing speeds. Im sure the Razr Forged are still fine but you have to hit multiple shafts to find the right combination. You can really tell a difference when you change shafts.
Were you hitting Project X 6.0 in the Razr because that would be way too stiff for a 78mph swing. Project X is best fit for higher swing speeds and more than likely wouldnt help you at all. You could still get the Razr but with a DG S300. Also dont even bother with Ping Anser, they are great but not $1400 great.
Nike VRS, Callaway Razr Fit, Taylormade Rocketballz, Ping G20. You couldnt go wrong with any of these
Simple question, what do you think of them?
    I guess i never thought about the blade for the 8-pw, and i am sure they would be perfectly fine too. I just really like the 59 but not for the long irons.
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