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The masters should not be decided by stupid rules after the fact. He should not have to withdraw thats absurd. He didnt intentionally cheat. It should be like football. Review it once and play on. Make the decision now not 5 hours from now.
your a joke brother come talk to us when you can shoot in the 60s every round
Hey everyone I have been a member here for a while and have just finished a big project in my spare time. It is a game for android and I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to check it out. Thanks to anyon that will. Here is a link   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blankwall.drawaline   and here is my blog detailing the process   http://blankwallproduction.blogspot.com/   Thanks again everyone and hit em straight
No real winbd besides I was hitting from one side of the park to the other then walking over and hitting them back. What has been your experience hitting hybrids and driver with the birdie ball?
Ive had them for 6 months or so. I must be hitting my irons pretty pure then because everything was extremely consistent. I dont usually hit the birdie balls witht the driver.
So Im out shakingoff some winter rust today hitting some birdie balls around and I had a problem. These damn things were impossible to mis hit Everything was right where I aimed and perfect. I dont think my swing got that much better after a break. Anyone else noticed how straight these balls fly?
Shot a 4 over front even back I was 1 under on the back till like 16 and hit a bogey that shoulda dropped. Best round Ive played as long as I can remember. Had a great time playing with my dad. Was in a very relaxed state of mind just enjoying the time. Best time Ive had playing in a while
birdie balls are good but more like 70 yards
bethpage is incredibly difficult. I feel it closely rivals olympic
mild fade usually 5 yards or so takes the left side out of question. Every club in the bag plays to a fade. It makes golf a lot simpler not worrying about one side
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