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My clubmaker said the same thing he said my 6.0s were playing more like 7.0s. Didnt think anything of it till you said it to
Saw the fitter today. He is gonna lengthen them half an inch then ill come back and we will work on lie in two days. Im hoping this is worth it. It seems like a lot of work but hopefully everything will work out good. Ill let you know the results
thats what i was trying to say maybe i was confusing sorry if i was misunderstood listen to nm 
Titleist lower end balls are crap compare to other companies. Check out top flite gamer srixon q star or trispeed or ad333 or look at getting some pro v's used.
Keep the doubles off the card and youll shoot 70s triples off the card and your in the 80s I shot 79 the other day with one double but it makes it harder. I havent shot 90 in a while but a triple or two wil get you there real quick. Short game is key
Like was said before try not to get super golfy if you know what i mean.It was a very good read I just know that your trying to reach a large audience not just golfers. Great job with the beginning shoot me the next chapter or two if you can.
no offence but it is probably the golfer not the club but offset helps instill a left to right flight for most players. Its almost the same thing as if you closed or opened the face before swinging. If you think offset is the problem try opening the face a little bit before swinging then swing normal. I hit my drives like that sometimes if im really putting some oomph into it.
Do these guys reallyhit an 8 iron on 16? 205 par 3 and they said tiger put an 8 like most others. It then said sabbitini hit 6 whih would make much more sense. 205 8 is ridiculous and I doubt anyone can really hit that
Damn man thats phenomenal i am about an 8 handi and played in one the other day and shot 67 and thought i did great. My fellow players were not super great,congratulations
Man hit these today for the first time so easy to hit was even putting a four iron out with ease. So smooth and buttery could work it both ways and just felt amazing. Alsi just got exoctics triligy 3wood so eazy to hit and unbelievably long. Super happy with my recent purchases.
New Posts  All Forums: