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Four wedges is way much for a 20 handi learn go use one for everything inside 100 become a master with that one
I hit a mid to high fade on almost every shot. I can take the left out of play and plan for the fade. If i need to draw it I can but it is only when neccesary. If the pin fits my shot shape ill go after it otherwise ill jut cut it into the middle of the green and putt it out.
Ahot a 79 today at manatee cove in cape canaveral fl.,strong winds and tournament pin placement made it tough but i was hitting,great left a lot of birdies out there and had some stupid bogeys 36 back nine was real nice tho
Straight is only good for short shots long balls need curve to help control and become more accurate. You can miss left ir right for a straight ball
Exactly who wants to buy a hard used set of 09 x forged it isnt even worth faking those
Thousands of clubs r so ld daily saying mpst are stolen in fake is completly wrong. I have no worry that they are real. 100% feedback is ebough for me
How do u make sure tbere real? They r identical replicas if there fake they are molded 2 upright have the proper stamps everyrhing is identical to x forged irons they could be fake but how would o even know?
http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=270963643447 Gonna get them fit when i get home fully fit set for around 250
Havent done it since the first time but havent had a lot of practice time. Shot 80 on am easy course missed 6 five foot or less putts and a couple wasted chips. Should have beem an easy 70 xuz the course was so easy. Shot an 83 and an 85 on some tough courses last week hopefully get some more time to practice and ill ne shooting 70s xonsistently
Well i finally did it today. Played the same cpurse blacks were further foward making it a little easier. Double bogeyed 18 for a 78 didnt think much about it through the roumd took my time felt great minus 18 still missed some key bordies could easily have been a 70
New Posts  All Forums: