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Ya similar i went out 3 over thought i had it for sure duffed a chip for eagle the chipped the birdie attempt inches away. Im hoping to plag tournament golf next year wh en im a lil better so i like the added pressure
i used to play to a scratch handicap in high school i joined tbe military and havent played much since then.,been playing for 3 weeks or so and just shot an 80 today feels great to get low again. Missed a lot of makeable putts that would be the difference between 70 and 80. Back to the putting greens
For a scratch.guy would depend on course and his other distances.say a.7500 yard course be might give up ten or more
Exactly what was said to play with the big boys on big courses driver is a mist to play with ur buddies on ur local course not so much
Thanks guys it was the pin system apreciate the help
Z stars r great i order them used and dont plan on changing any time soon. Great spin not to much like a pro v but enough to jump back overall my favorite ball
Just curios what spikes fit adidas tour 360 shoes? My spikes are getting old and worn and would like to order some new ones but cant fimd any info.
If u want a players iron look at something like callaway x forged. Very forgiving het still look nice. I looked at that cpmbo when i was buying irons and they were super toufh to hit and i consider myself a good ball striker
Lostgolfballs.com i order second quality z stars for around 14 dollars. Great balls some have marks but most look new highly reccomend them order in bulk amd get free shipping
Your a 21 capper playing blade combos those are also known as a very difficult club to hit. Idk but id reccomend getting something easier to hit. Unless ur trying to go pro those clubs will ne more fustrating then anything
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