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I have a tour edge 18 hybrid and a 16.5 4 wood. Its a pretty good combo witb the wood only used from the best lies.
CMan great club. Super hard front nine but the back was just as fun. The wind was killer making a lot of holes longer then they said. Greens were lightning fairway were very fast. Immaculate condition. There was some alligators on the back that made it even cooler.,overall great experience great layout but very difficult. I shot a 92 15 over front 5 ober back.,had a lot of fun sorry for typos im on my phone
Vokeys r slightly rounded. A great wedge highly reccomend them.
Pretty stoked about it got on for $60 only three weeks after the champions tour was here so the place should be prime. Looks like a grwat course. I want to play the tips but havent got my 3 wood yet so ill stick to mids which is 6600. Thats plenty long for almost everyone. Ill let you guys know what the course is like when i get back tomorrow still hoping to break 80 for the first time since getting back into the game.
Curious of cost my vokeys are getting worn this sounds like a geeat op tion
Srixon z star. Very durable long and soft. My wedges are old but ive never had one ripĀ  zstar.
I say get both there is little to no benefit of hitting the 4 iron over the hybrid. Hybrid is longer softer and 10x's easier. Unless your playing in a hurricane cant see much reason to carry a 4 iron.
Mccilroy absolutely blasts the ball he hit his 3 wood fourther then fowlers drive it was very impressive
3Alright decided on an ezoctics xcg3 3 hybrid. 19* fits in nice hopefully hit it good
Hows the xcg 3?
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