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driver 300 4 hyb-220 5 hyb-200 6 iron- 170 7 iron- 160 8-1ron 145 9 iron- 135 pw -120 54 105 60 95
Mine has more damage then that and it still pumps it out with the best of them. Quit worrying and start playing. Only damage i hate is on the crown messing with my eyes.
  So I have an oppurtunity to buy the same clubs I have now for pretty cheap. An almost new set. I do ike these clubs and am already used to looking at them and hitting them. I hit them pretty good Im only replacing them because they are getting old and the grips are worn. For the price of grips this guys is offering me a full set. I play smt cb2 irons more of almost a cut muscled design. http://www.smtgolf.com/irons_303cb2.asp. The dillema I have is I have been...
2nd round of the year. Really struggling on the front nines. No driving range to warm up may be the culprit.    12 over frnt nine oday 3 over back   15 over front nine on tuesday 4 over back gotta get that front nine working like the back does haha   Iron and driver contact is bad not hitting things dead on but green play was quite good
http://www.smtgolf.com/irons_303cb2.asp I currently have a set and found a cheap set to replace my worn ones. Anyone else play these amazing irons?
Alright heres the story. Played golf in high school got down to 4-8 handicap (not 100% sure) left high school joined the military didnt play a whole lot now getting back into it. I have custom irons called smt. Not a well know brand but great cuobs. They are progressive cavity with 5,6,7 being deep cavity 8,9,P shallow cavity. Im probably around a 15 handi now but can strike the ball pretty well. Im looking for a players iron with some forgiveness. I dont want anything...
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