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Yes still liking S! Personally I find it no different to my original R11. I dont adjust the face angle, the only adjustment I make is loft on the shaft. So to me the only difference is a slightly bigger head. More than happy all the same!
Repaired it for probably £5 and 10 minutes work and then sold it! It was in mint condition too.
Yes they replaced my faulty 8 month old R11 with a brand new R11s for no extra cost. I was really impressed with there customer service to say the least. I did demo the R11s, however, I had no choice. That is the like for like replacement they send out so I was having it even if I wanted my old R11! I'd liked to have purchased my old club though, 10 minutes work and a 1g weight and it would have been perfect again.
I was changing the position on the 1g and 10g weights on my R11 when the 1g snapped off. Took the club back to the range where I bought it and they sent it to Taylormade. Just over a week later I received a call to say my new replacement R11s had arrived from Taylormade So Saturday I took it for 9 holes to test drive it! I was struggling to start then realised I need the weights changed around. So with them changed I was hitting the ball and it didn't feel any different...
I have just upgraded to GolfShot GPS after using GolfShot Lite for about 6 months and really like it. I have never tried GolfLogix purely because I have never heard of it so cannot comment on how it works. As for GolfShot though, I find it faultless. It doesn't crash, works fast, saves club averages and is very easy to use. I also love the statistic tracking which is why I downloaded the Lite version in the first place. The main factor I imagine would be price, At £20...
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